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Please make sure to read and familiarize yourself with our products, policies, ordering and shipping procedures prior to making your purchase. If you have a question regarding any of this information or our products please do not hesitate to contact us, we are glad to assist you.

NOTE:  Fabrics and Bonded Leathers are subject to cancellation at any time without notice. It is always good to have a backup fabric selected in the event this happens. Fabric colors vary from piece to piece as die lots change from one fabric run to the next. Upholstered items are priced in standard fabrics. ALL WOVEN FABRICS ARE IMPORTED FROM ITALY.

Please call, write or email us for free samples. Please select from the fabrics shown below.

Standard Fabrics

Standard Fabrics (Jacquard) at no additional charge: NY, PA, NS, LT, AW, QY, PI, LD, VA, MN, NK, AA, OB, BV and GB.

<center>New York - NY</center>
New York - NY
<center>America White - AW</center>
America White - AW
<center>Viola America - VA</center>
Viola America - VA
<center>Orsino Blue - OB</center>
Orsino Blue - OB
<center>Patina America - PA</center>
Patina America - PA
<center>Quincy - QY</center>
Quincy - QY
<center>Marashino - MN</center>
Marashino - MN
<center>Viola Blue - BV</center>
Viola Blue - BV
<center>New Spun - NS</center>
New Spun - NS
<center>Pink - PI</center>
Pink - PI
<center>New Kate - NK</center>
New Kate - NK
<center>Green - GB</center>
Green - GB
<center>Laligue Trigo - LT</center>
Laligue Trigo - LT
<center>Laligue Dorada Lame - LD</center>
Laligue Dorada Lame - LD
<center>Azul - AA</center>
Azul - AA

Premium 1 Fabrics

Premium 1 Fabrics (Chenille): BG and SB Up charge for Premium 1 Fabrics: Sofa $105.00, Loveseat $75.00, Living Room Chair or Ottoman $45.00, Small Chair $20.00.

<center>Sago Beige - BG</center>
Sago Beige - BG
<center>Sago Bianco - SB</center>
Sago Bianco - SB

Premium 2 Fabric

Premium 2 Fabrics (Velvet): VN, VD, VR, VF, VM, VV, VZ and VP. Up charge for Premium 2 Fabrics: Sofa $200.00, Loveseat $150.00, Living Room Chair or Ottoman $90.00, Small Chair $40.00.

<center>Velvet Black - VN</center>
Velvet Black - VN
<center>Velvet Marino - VM</center>
Velvet Marino - VM
<center>Velvet Dorado - VD</center>
Velvet Dorado - VD
<center>Velvet Verde - VV</center>
Velvet Verde - VV
<center>Velvet Red - VR</center>
Velvet Red - VR
<center>Velvet Azul - VZ</center>
Velvet Azul - VZ
<center>Velvet Fuchsia - VF</center>
Velvet Fuchsia - VF
<center>Velvet Purple - VP</center>
Velvet Purple - VP

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We have made every effort to accurately represent the colors in the fabrics, bonded leathers and finishes shown, however due to printing the colors may vary. These fabric, bonded leather and finish pages are to be used as a guide to help you make a selection. Please contact us to arrange for free fabric samples to be sent to you. The fabric, bonded leather and finish color on the final product may vary from these samples. The finishes are hand mixed daily and fabric runs vary from one to the next due to fluctuations in the die lots. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us.

We reserve the right to make minor changes or modifications in the design of our products as needed. This would in no way lower the quality, beauty or the construction of the merchandise. We also reserve the right to correct any typographical errors that may be on our website, in our catalog or any other printed material we may provide. All pricing is subject to change without prior notice. For the most up-to-date pricing information please contact us.